Welcome to my thoughts page. This is a place for me to share where my mind wanders, the here and the there. I love the beautiful in all forms, in me, in you, and in our world. I seek to cultivate the aesthetic in my life as much as possible, and I like sharing that with other people. My mind may also occasionally drift here to some fondly remembered personal experiences. If you like what I write, feel free to sign up for my mailing list.


The Drink Worth the Cost of a Ticket to Germany AloneCategory: Food & Dining   Oct 28th 2017  01:16PM   0

Es ist nicht jeder tag, dass ich im Supermarkt Freudensprünge machen. Ehrlich war heute das erste Mal, aber schau, es gab ja dafür ‘nem sehr gutem Grund. Schau mal das Bild an. Schau an! Was siehst Du da? Es gab im Supermarkt Kölsch! Kölsch, mein Lieblings

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Can I Let You in on a Little Secret?Category: Life   Oct 13th 2017  12:32PM   0

I must confess I have an soft spot for The Mandarin in New York.  They seem to always have a way of getting the little things right. I was amused to see they went as far as this clever touch though. On a Sunday shopping trip, I recently discovered that tucked away among the tony stores in The Time Warner Center is this little gem of discretion. You can enter The Mandarin Oriental through the grand ent

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How to Torture New Yorkers on the SubwayCategory: Life   Aug 8th 2017  10:00PM   0

New York City’s Mass Transit Authority is trying to become a kinder, gentler Mass Transit Authority. Gone are the days of subway announcements blared over loud speakers and unintelligible. We now get fully audible, full sentences regarding the status of trains.

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The Hysterical German LanguageCategory: Life   Jul 20th 2017  02:14PM   0

Mark Twain wrote an essay back in his day entitled The Awful German Language. He documents the complexities and perplexities of the rules of this most intricate of languages. Much as I admire the gentleman and would give him a blow job in a heart beat, I beg to differ. I would call it “The Wonderful German Language.”

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The Economics of Sex and the Sex of Economics Category: Life   Jun 10th 2017  01:48PM   0

Well actually, this is just about the sex of economics, or I should say the sexiness of economics. Allow me to explain. If you haven’t noticed, I have a twitter feed. It’s www.twitter.com/karamironyc , should you be curios. I dare say I’ve put up a clever tweet or two in my time, but this one is my favorite.

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