NYC Elite Independent Escort Kara Miro

I like longer blocks of time because they give us space to develop an organic connection, and if there's music in our evening, we'll certainly want time afterwards, won't we? How long is an encounter? That can be entirely up to us. If we've gotten as far as a plan to see each other, that means I'm genuinely curious. Let's explore all the night has to offer.

If we just want a chance to get a taste of what our chemistry is like, an afternoon date is 2000. An evening is 2500 and goes, well, how long do we want it to go? All possibilities are certainly open, aren't they? Enough time to make a memorable experience is the main thing. If we'd like to have the best work day ever, morning to evening is 3000, and for 3500, an evening can go all the way until sunrise. You can fly me to you, for any of these times, for an additional 1000.

Longer adventures are also a possibility. For 5000, a full 24 hours is enough time to discover our own little world. At 10,000, a weekend is enough time to explore it. If we wish to take up residence there, for a little while, a week somewhere we'll never forget is capped at 30,000. What memories would you keep forever, from 7 days somewhere with a beautiful woman?

I have a full life, so I have to plan in advance. This is an occasional activity for me. I don't see very many people, and my gift reflects that. If this length of time, advance planning, or gift isn't what you're looking for, there are lots of great girls out there for you. If what I have to offer calls to you though, I want to hear from you. Reach out to me.

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